They made a mistake

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They made a mistake

Post by patrick4711 »

Our Laserscans were delivered by a contractor, and now they are gone. And now we found out that they made a mistake: all clouds need to be moved upwards. Orientation (North is Up in Planview) and XY coordiates are fine, every Z needs to be augmented with 7080mm.
So I import the PTX in Cyclone 9.3.3, open the modelspaceview of the scanworld, select 1 point.
Then I "Set from Points" and enter the new coordinate of that point
Then I save the coordinate system
Then I export the scanworld, I tried .e57 or .PTX
Then I import that .e57 or PTX and I see that coordinate has changed, but the orientation is copletely lost. in Plan View, everything is rotated.
What am I doing wrong ?

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Re: They made a mistake

Post by Matt Young »

Sometimes a single pick does not work correctly for a coordinate change in cyclone.

Create a vertex and then create another one at the same location. Move the second point by 10m in the north direction.

Then pick both points and set coordinates from them using the second point as zero orientation. This should ensure that the orientation of your coordinate system does not change.
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Re: They made a mistake

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