LFM Modeller + clash detection LFM VS Navisworks

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LFM Modeller + clash detection LFM VS Navisworks

Post by mhuynh1031 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:21 am

Little background about myself: I’m a junior-ish Piping designer trying to improve myself and our workflow in our department.

Anyone familiar with the modeller software with LFM ? I looked online and according to the brochure, there doesn’t seem to be a plug in connection to plant 3D ? I’m not sure since I have never used the software.

We currently have to model existing for stress analysis. My company is trying to give our stress guys PCF files to import into Caesar for their stress model. Sometimes it doesn’t work so we give them ISOs from plant 3D.

I’m trying to increase productivity since modelling existing with structure/pipe measurements and tie ins is very time consuming.

As per the clash detection part, we have one license of LFM clash detection but I assume it will be more expensive then Navisworks manage, not sure about this.

We currently ask for the surveyor to provide us recap files after they give us the LFD or we just make it our selves via gateway to e57 to recap if the ZFS files do not import to recap.

We use the embedded NWD Recap in the NWD with our plant 3D model for model reviews and as a final deliverable so the contractor can see during construction.

It seems like you can do Navisworks clash defection with recap ? Again, haven’t used the software. I’m not sure what is better in terms of cost to benefit.

Thanks all !

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Re: LFM Modeller + clash detection LFM VS Navisworks

Post by Mokeefe » Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:25 pm

If you do get stuck with having to create an As-built model. Edgewise might help (quick overview- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma4IyaWR4ko). It handles piping really quickly, and is pretty good for structure depending on the project.

The other piece is running clash detection in Navisworks. I have a way to run clash detection of a point cloud against geometry in Navisworks :idea: . Is that helpful? DM me if you want to talk more.

Good luck!

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