Z+F UK successfully host LFM Usergroup 2008

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I have made 40-50 posts
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Z+F UK successfully host LFM Usergroup 2008

Post by Z+FUK1 » Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:01 am

Z+F UK in association with Hi-Cad recently hosted its LFM Usergroup 2008 in Houston, Texas.

The LFM Usergroup conference is an important venue in the Process, and Power industry where engineering IT users and industry professionals, focused on the use of 3D laser scanning data, are able to meet in order to resolve real world challenges.

The Usergroup is directly aimed at EPC and Owner Operator users of LFM. A User Feedback session affords users an opportunity to influence the future of LFM Software so as to meet the needs of the industry.

The User Feedback session provides a valuable experience for Z+F UK, LFM users can express which features of LFM they value and find of importance and which new features they would like to see implemented in the future.

Usergroup 2008 was well attended and once again demonstrated how Z+FUK are actively listening to their users. Some of the LFM users & Z+F UK partners who attended this year included:


As well as seeking new feedback, Z+F UK were able to demonstrate how the input gained during the Usergroup 2007 has been implemented into the newest versions of LFM. Some of the features implemented or due for imminent release as a direct result of this feedback include:

* Vastly enhanced clash functionality for PDS and other CAD interfaces: including tentative, volume and exact clashing.
* Completely new clash manager.
* The ability to load Multiple Bubbles.
* Developments in Intelligent Demolition.
* Enhanced toolkits for operation of AVEVA Review and PDMS.
* Inclusion of quality assured benchmarks in the LFM Server Datasets.


In total over 85% of the 2007 requests are due to be implemented with the release of LFM Server 3.95. Users were given a future release schedule.

Some suggestions were also made about Z+F hardware, for example improved scanner performance in terms of working temperature. These changes have been implemented in the newest version of the IMAGER, the IMAGER5006i.

Usergroup 2008 also consisted of several high-quality presentations and forums covering a wide range of key, relevant topics. Presentations were delivered by our partners at AVEVA, Hi-cad, Jacobs, Mustang Engineering and VR Context.

LFM Server interfaces with VR Context Walkinside

VR Context described to users their recent interface with LFM Server. This interface potentially enables owner-operators in the process, power, and marine industries to import massive volumes of laser capture data of their facilities from LFM Server to Walkinside for visualization and simulation in a complex 3D Virtual Reality environment. We believe the users were able to appreciate how this interface could benefit them and how this interface can overcome challenges associated with importing, displaying, and navigating through a mixed data set.

Launch of LFM NetView

The recent release of LFM NetView was also presented to delegates at Usergroup 2008. LFM NetView has been developed to meet customer needs, expressed at Usergroup 2007 and the challenges brought about by the drive to use the laser scan data during globally distibuted projects. NetView is a Web-based application suitable for use in both Engineering and Asset Management. It allows for very rapid access to data from anywhere in the world. NetView enables users in different offices to carry out interactive, collaborative, project reviews. Including joint markup, annotation and measurement.

Service providers, EPC's and Owner Operators were all very interested in the product, and were able to recognize how the latest addition to the LFM suite will help them in their work flow. The value of the product was understood by designers, managers and operators alike.

AVEVA Net Interfaces to LFM Server and NetView

AVEVA Group plc is one of the world's foremost and fastest-growing life cycle engineering IT solutions and services providers to the oil and gas industries. AVEVA and Z+F UK formed their importance alliance in 2005 and have spent the last three years developing interfaces with PDMS and AVEVA Review. The latest collaboration between the two companies provides an interface between AVEVA Net and LFM NetView. This was demonstrated to LFM users during Usergroup 2008.

LFM Server - SmartPlant Review (SPR) Improvements

The latest version of LFM Server has undergone extensive development in regards to the SPR interface. Usergroup 2008 provided Z+F UK with an opportunity to demonstrate these improvements to its customers.

Some of the improvements demonstrated include the following:

* Laser data controls, available direct from an SPR pallet
* An ability to launch Bubble Views directly from SPR
* On the fly visual interference checking

The user group also included a 'sneak preview' of the upcoming SmartPlant 3D interface.

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