Z+F UK demonstrate LFM interface with PDS, SP3D & SPR at

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I have made 40-50 posts
I have made 40-50 posts
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Z+F UK demonstrate LFM interface with PDS, SP3D & SPR at

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Z+F UK demonstrate LFM interface with PDS, SP3D & SPR at
Intergraph Process, Power & Marine Exhibition

Intergraph's annual conference for the Process, Power & Marine industries in UK & Ireland was this year held at the CBI Conference centre in London.


This year's conference brought together key staff from leading Owner / Operators (O/O) and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) organisations around a common theme of improving performance through collaboration.

Z+F UK sponsored and attended the event in order to show their continued support for Intergraph and to demonstrate to delegates how this collaboration can benefit Intergraph CAD / Review and LFM users alike. This collaboration allows laser scan data from LFM to be imported into SmartPlant 3D, SmartPlant Review and PDS. Delegates were able to appreciate the extremely high functionality of LFM and the incredible ease at which this can be performed.

The LFM interface to SmartPlant Review, for example means that laser data controls can be accessed direct from the SmartPlant Review pallette. Highly intuitive BubbleViews which have proved extremely popular with our users are also available direct from SPR by simple point selection or by clicking on an SPR object.

Delegates were particularly impressed with Z+F UK's high quality demonstrations, which they felt were synonymous with the high quality product being shown to them. Comments were made as to the smooth and dynamic interface which was evident from the demonstrations made.

Intergraph and LFM users alike were able to appreciate the capacity of the interface to provide Pipe fitting tools for modelling of existing conditions, full measurement capability, (point to point and point to object) Dynamic selection of volume of interest from within SP3D and Dynamic clashing - Clashes can be identified immediately and as soon as a clashing component is placed.

Our presence at the Intergraph conference and the high quality software interface once again demonstrated to all delegates that Z+F UK are an important player in the Laser Scanning market and enabled us to reinforce our position as market leaders in our point cloud solution offering

for more information about Z+F UK, LFM point cloud software, or it's CAD links please visit: www.zf-uk.com

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