LFM Server 3.91 Launch

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LFM Server 3.91 Launch

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LFM Server Version 3.91 is available for download.

At its release Z+F's LFM Server revolutionised the way in which laser scan data was handled throughout existing conditions projects. LFM Server creates a single reference dataset for a project, there is no loss of data resolution and points are used in their native form. Its integrated bubble images which provide users with a "scanners eye view" of the environment have been a runaway success. These features, and its connectivity to all the major CAD systems, have made LFM Server the laser scanning software tool of choice for EPCs and Owner Operators.

LFM Server 3.91 builds on these key features to enhance existing capabilities and also introduces new technology to improve the user experience. In making these improvements we have continued to listen to users. These changes are designed to help engineers make key decisions more easily and with greater confidence. Improvements include hyper rendering, connection to PDMS Review 6.3 and exact clashing of elbows and flanges.

To find out more about about LFM Server please review http://praxis.zf-uk.com/LFM_Server3.91_PressRelease.pdf Release on our website, under the news section.

LFM Server 3.91 is available to download fromhttp://www.zf-uk.com/downloads/

Please email [email protected] for current user name and password.

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