Z+FUK LFM software integrates with VR context Walkinside

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I have made 40-50 posts
I have made 40-50 posts
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Z+FUK LFM software integrates with VR context Walkinside

Post by Z+FUK1 » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:18 pm

UK-based Z+F UK Ltd and Belgium-based VRcontext International S.A. have released an interface for their leading software products -- LFM Server(TM) and Walkinside®, respectively.

This interface enables owner-operators in the process, power, and marine industries to import massive volumes of laser capture data of their facilities from LFM Server to Walkinside for visualization and simulation in a complex 3D VR environment. The use of point cloud data within the Walkinside environment will afford owner-operators multiple opportunities to reduce project costs, shorten schedules, and improve safety.

Reverse engineering operations can be facilitated by graphically comparing imported point clouds with 3D VR models, and visual clash checks can help prevent expensive incompatibilities between planned construction and existing plant structures.

"This interface resolves major challenges involved in importing, displaying, and navigating through a mixed data set, and it provides an effective means of CAD file transfer to the VR world," said Graham Dalton, Z+F UK technical director.

"This innovative solution can help owner-operators improve efficiency and reduce the risks and costs of complex operations," according to Francois Lagae, CEO of VRcontext. "This interface is just the first step our companies will take together to facilitate and automate the creation of 3D models from massive laser capture data."

About Z&F

Z+F UK (www.zf-uk.com) specializes in providing high-definition 3D laser scanning technology and products to the process and industrial market sectors. Its systems are used extensively in applications as diverse as forensic examination and architecture.

About VRcontext

VRcontext International S.A. (www.vrcontext.com) is a privately owned company that develops virtual reality software applications for the oil and gas, process, energy, and homeland security markets.

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