RiPROCESS supports LAS 1.4 with extrabytes

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RiPROCESS supports LAS 1.4 with extrabytes

Post by Christian Sevcik » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:00 am

Riegl Laser Measurement Systems announces the release of LAS 1.4 support.
Improved LAS Export functionality in RiPROCESS
RIEGL is putting a lot of efforts in the development and production of high performance instruments to deliver first class point cloud data. Due to the latest technical evolution in online waveform processing and full waveform analysis, Riegl V-Line and Q-Line instruments are providing not only the geometry information but also a range of additional target echo attributes, which are useful for further postprocessing of the datasets. With the new possibilities of LAS 1.4 release, we see a unique opportunity to make value added pointclouds accessible to a large user community.
Therefore we are pleased to announce the support of Variable Length Records "Extra Bytes" in the LAS export functions in RiPROCESS starting with release 1.5.6.

Additonal information available for RIEGL LAS Exports
For Q-line instruments the calibrated amplitude reading will be provided in addition to the intensity value for improved pointcloud interpretation and classification. Furthermore the pulse width parameter, which can be interpreted as a confidence indicator of the target echo, is written to the LAS file as well.
For the V-line instruments the calibrated amplitude and the reflectance will be available for enhanced pointcloud interpretation. One result of the online waveform processing is the Pulse Shape Deviation. It is a reliable confidence indicator of each measurement which has many uses such as a filter parameter for extracting vertical walls in airborne Lidar datasets.

For detailed descriptions of the implementation follow the Link ... -software/ to the whitepaper available for download on our website.

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