New FARO Focus inc HDR and SCENE 6.0 software released

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Re: New FARO Focus inc HDR and SCENE 6.0 software released

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I am testing the ISTAR app now on a project that I scanned yesterday. It seems to be working very well. With the fast capture time of the ISTAR it can be timed to eliminate most of the problems you are talking about. I can't count the times when I have had to scan again due to the bus driving in front of the scanner during color capture.

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Re: New FARO Focus inc HDR and SCENE 6.0 software released

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I also love the concept of the HDR and I hope my X330 will be one that can be upgraded....but Eugene has raised a different issue.

I spend a lot of my life standing beside roadways with traffic as I can not stop the traffic. I will have a great scan, the traffic weeds are relatively easy to clean up, etc. But I have no control over when the photos are taken. The result is an image with a Freightliner smeared across the roadway.

On a busy roadway there are usually breaks in traffic, so I almost always make additional low-res scans so I can use those photos to clean up the original scan photos. It can take a lot of time on scene and in the office cleaning up the scans. If I could control when the photos are made it would GREATLY help. In reality I usually only need about 12 of the photos to be clean, the bottom 3 of the two columns left and two columns right of the roadway in front of the scanner.

Here's a previous discussion ... =49&t=6023

Note that we have been talking about this and asking for a way to solve this problem for almost 3 years now.

If I can not take a single image or just a set of 12 images....then if I could just make the photos without the low-res scan. I could then time things better.

Please help us with this.


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