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Pointools View and View Pro

Post by Phil Marsh » Fri May 02, 2008 6:18 pm


Pointools View is a lightweight, high-performance point cloud and model viewing application that is ideal for data visualisation, management , presentation and distribution.

Pointools View Pro is the ideal system for producing high quality point cloud animation.

Pointools' viewing engine has been designed and built to deliver a high performance when handling even the largest architectural, engineering or heritage projects. Point cloud datasets come to screen immediately as the streaming engine selectively pulls the compressed data from disk. This means you can work with files many times larger than available memory and not have to wait for data to load.

Easy to Use
Pointools View has a compact and relevant toolset that has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. The interface is clean and uncluttered with more complex features accessible via toolboxes.

Import Riegl*, Leica*, Faro*, Trimble* and others
Scan data from almost any scanner can be imported into Pointools View. Data is imported with the correct registration information where available. You can even combine data from different scanning systems.

*trademarks of their respective owners

Enhanced Visualisation
Point cloud data can be difficult to understand. Pointools enhances the clarity of of standard data visualisation with point lighting and stereoscopic viewing. Previously unintelligible datasets come to life when viewed in Pointools View.

Runs on Standard Hardware
You don't need a graphics workstation or any existing CAD software to run Pointools View. We have designed our software to run stand-alone on most consumer grade hardware using available memory and power.

Distribution Solution
More than just a viewer, Pointools View is equipped with a compact tool set that makes it an ideal
distribution solution.

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