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CyArk Website

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I would like to alert you to some of the exciting things that have been happening at CyArk. They have been very active lately and in an effort to keep us informed they have made several additions to the website. Most notably is the addition of frequent blog and news articles to make the website the best source for up to date information about CyArk's activities worldwide. They have also added RSS functionality to the entire Community section of the website to keep you informed each time a new post is made.

For more information about staying "In the Loop" with CyArk, please see: ... -loop-blog

They also just launched Chichén Itzá as the newest project in the CyArk Archive. This is one of the largest projects CyArk has completed to date, and they are thrilled to have it as the second Mayan project on the website.

I encourage you all to visit the project and explore this fantastic site.

Perhaps most importantly they have generated a tremendous amount of new support for CyArk and its mission. Former Leica CEO Hans Hess and long time CyArk supporters David and Lynn Olson have pledged financial support following the recent workshop at Monte Alban.

For more information about both their support and the Monte Alban Workshop please see: ... ffort-blog ... alban-blog

If you are also interested in pledging your support for CyArk, please visit our Contribute Section to learn more.

With all the exciting things happening at CyArk I encourage you to check back often for updates, and leave your comments on the various blog announcements.

Please Contact:
Elizabeth Lee
Director of Projects
[email protected]
(408) 373-7842
[email protected]

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