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Re: Best all-round laserscanner

Post by smacl »

cesaralmeida wrote: Thu Apr 18, 2024 12:16 pmOn that, unsurprinsingly, I thoroughly agree with you. 👍👍 test before invest. Trust but verify. Sorry for winding up you a bit, its just me being me. ;)
Not a problem, it is always valuable to have discussions in a forum like this. The problem as I see it is that the marketing folks from the manufacturer pick a random item from an instrument spec, e.g. range accuracy of 3mm at 20m, and then hop onto LinkedIn or some other social media site shouting that their scanner is accurate to 3mm (forgetting to mention the many other sources of error). This is picked up by some random paid-for influencer type talking about their BIM models being good to 3mm because they use this instrument. Those new to scanning then assume they can readily achieve consolidated 3mm accuracy over a large site with many set-ups with minimal training because the instrument is that good. You and I both know this is far from the truth of the matter.

Bottom line, if someone wants to know what accuracy they can achieve with any instrument, they need to ignore the marketing hype and take it out on site to check what accuracy they can achieve. Simples.
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Re: Best all-round laserscanner

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JarneB wrote: Wed Apr 17, 2024 9:51 am there should be no elevation inaccuracies of more than 2mm between the zero-level and other parts of the building.
Have fun with that... Might want to explain why this is important as it's highly impractical.
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Re: Best all-round laserscanner

Post by masterpine »

It's a bit of an open ended question, size of the structure is important. I would only trust even a P40's data collection if every scan contained most (90%) of the scanned region if going off pure cloud-to-cloud or even with scanned targets.

It's probably not the answer you want, but getting highly accurate results for reality capture works on a range of different types of sites is best achieved using a bunch of different bits of equipment. For us if we're needing that sort of accuracy, TS16 Totalstation to set out a control network, P40 for defining a baseline (2face scanning all targets) and RTC360's for rapid data collection and coverage of difficult areas. You can substitute those with equipment from Trimble, Faro, Riegl etc as you see fit but generating accurate and efficient reality capture projects is a combined effort.

Even with the best of equipment too, your biggest factor will be the experience and talent of the person processing things and putting it all together.
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