Workstation for Point Cloud processing?

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Nicolás González
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I have made 10-20 posts
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Workstation for Point Cloud processing?

Post by Nicolás González »

Hi, what components would you recommend for a Workstation to start with point cloud processing, Lidar and photogrammetry.

Budget: $2000 dollars.
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Leandre Robitaille
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Re: Workstation for Point Cloud processing?

Post by Leandre Robitaille »

Lidar/photogrammetry processing and 2k$ budget does not go well together...
Lidar has no gpu requirements, but when you throw in photogrammetrie, photogrammetrie has all the lidar requirements + the needs for a massive GPU.
Basically ; Lidar needs RAM and CPU
Photogrammetry : RAM \ GPU \ CPU
So. Lets knock off the photogrammetrie issue out of the way. Solution is to use PIX4D and use their cloud processing. It will be cheaper down the line than spending money on a decent gpu. It is also much faster. We have top of the line computers at my company and we still favor pix4d cloud processing because it is faster.

Now for Lidar processing, as in TLS / Drone Lidar/ etc.
See my post in the thread here;
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