Replacing MDL/Renishaw/Carlson Quarryman scanner

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Replacing MDL/Renishaw/Carlson Quarryman scanner

Post by mdowdmaxam »

Hi All
Greetings from Australia.
I am a Blast Designer/ Blast Surveyor, and for the last 17 years have used the MDL/Renishaw/Carlson Quarryman Scanner. It can capture about 250pts per second and have a range of 600m+. Yet to use it at that range, but have scanned at 450m+. Output is a ascii file that does not require any further processing it can be loaded into the software that allows you to design front row blast holes against the 3D profile of the face.

Its time to upgrade / replace and there seems to be a few options, as the laserscanners etc i have looked at have a shorter range 100m+, capturing points not a problem in fact some of the systems the cloud will be to dense with the amount of points captured, and processing required. Post processing can reduce points etc, however the process in the field is scan the face, design the front row holes and rest of blast, so we need to process and get data in quickest time possible.
Bear in mind we are marking out blastholes in a big pit, and are not working to Surveyor grade accuracy.

Any ideas reccomendations, etc, let me know if you want a bit more info happy to provide it.
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Re: Replacing MDL/Renishaw/Carlson Quarryman scanner

Post by smacl »

Leica MS60 might be a good option in terms of range and lower density options. From the spec sheet it can do 1,000 points per second at 300 metres with a good accuracy. Also a top notch imaging total station for picking up any other specific points of detail.
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Re: Replacing MDL/Renishaw/Carlson Quarryman scanner

Post by PatHughes »

Hello Mark,

We have a few options that may be a good fit for your project, from short range units to long range and covering several scanning technologies.

It would be easier to discuss the finer details and provide a clear overview in a call, I'll send you a PM so we can set this up.

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