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Still more to learn,

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Hi All,

Relatively new here, been sleuthing ever since I found this forum, top-notch threads with great users.

Just thought I'd chime in with what I've Picked up from several threads or learned in the scanning field for just over a year

We generally scan steelwork for asbuilts or modifications for customers, using a Faro s120, Now Focus Premium, using 1/4 3X or settings adjusted to suit the jobs needs.

Since my first day, our main alignment and point cloud processing has been with Recap, (because we work with the scans in AutoCad, final file needs to be rcp or rcs)

Recap is slow, you have to import, Align, and then index, no matter how beefy your rig is it takes quite some time. It didn't take me long to find decap and chase down the rabbit hole of multi threaded imports to speed up the process. After finding a batch or two from earlier years provided by others I couldn't really get it to work with our network drives where we store our scans. So I made my own program, which runs multiple decaps with affinity to multiple processors you choose, you can choose all, some or only a few. comparing the results to normal recap processing time is astounding. Still very much alpha but the performance is great. Just as Recap pull their finger out and brings in multi threaded imports too ( but they don't use all cores like do ;) )

Recap Decimates, whether you turn it off or all the way down to 0, a slice of a scan with 12 million points imported into recap ends up at 800K points, using minimum or aggressive I never get the full 12 million. The only way I've found, that another user mentioned is that you scale up the cloud with Cloud Compare and then import it into recap, after which the recap point cloud has 12 million points :) (just dont forget to scale your cloud down in AutoCAD) if recap or scene can scale a cloud, I'm all ears but I haven't found that function yet. (even better if you know how I can stop recap from decimating without having to scale)

AutoCAD has a limit of displayed point cloud points, if your cloud is looking sparse, POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX will let you change it to a maximum of 25Million, or go to options, 3D modelling tab, the slider is in there.

Faro Focus Premium scans cannot be imported into recap without first pre-processing the RAW .FLS scans in scene, I’ve contacted recap and they said the next feature release should fix this issue.

I'm sure there’s more I've learned which currently escapes me, but I know there is so much more that I know I don’t know. Please feel free to enlighten this thread with your tips or tricks.

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