Opinions on scanner for 200m distance around 40k

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I have made 10-20 posts
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Opinions on scanner for 200m distance around 40k

Post by scanengineer »

So my use would mainly be facility scanning for running pipe routes etc. Some inside and some outside. Prob about 200 m maximum distance .
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Re: If you had 40k to spend on a terrestrial scanner what would you buy?

Post by 3Dottawa »

I would buy a used RTC360 today if I could find it at this price, or even 50k USD.
pburrows145 wrote: Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:15 am 2 x New BLK360 or...
1 x Used RTC360 or...
1 x new RTC360 LT or...
1 x Used P-series...

What's the application?
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Re: If you had 40k to spend on a terrestrial scanner what would you buy?

Post by Ioannis »

Α Leica p series is matandory for this kind of jobs…
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Re: If you had 40k to spend on a terrestrial scanner what would you buy?

Post by TommyMaddox »

Ioannis wrote: Fri Aug 05, 2022 5:36 am Α Leica p series is matandory for this kind of jobs…
A P40 is not mandatory at all to make pipe fit from one flange to another.

We've been extremely successful with just Faros (X330s to S70s to S+, and now approaching fleet of S Premium units) and total station control across many years of self performing scan - survey - design - fab - install in the heavy industrial piping space. If our scans weren't sufficient, the piping wouldn't fit, and that's obviously not been the case.

There's very little you can't accomplish with a used S70 and a used Trimble S7 total station in a pretty budget friendly manner.

However, 40k for a complete solution even a BLK, isn't gonna leave much room for software, computing, tripods, targets, accessories, etc...

Not knocking on the P40 at all and we even started off using one. It delivers nice sharp data, but the right workflow can get you to where you want to be with most units on the market as long as you get to know everything about them and have the proper workflow and backend to deliver what you need to deliver for your clientele.

To clarify:

You'll realistically want to pair a total station and compatible targets with any laser scanner option. You could do the job you're looking to do with probably any modern or one generation prior scanner with the exception of the original BLK, might be able to be successful with the new one, not sure.

If you don't have 10k minimum a year to spend on surprise maintenance or calibration consider buying new. While the TX7 doesn't really get super competitive with the latest from Faro and Leica, it's priced nicely and comes with a considerably longer manufacturer warranty built in than those. Unfortunately you may not be able to use the controller tablet unit in certain industrial facilities, I can get away with using a TSC7 survey data collector but unlikely the high performance tablet they use for the TX7.

ZF and Riegl are gonna be completely out of your budget so no need to bother looking there.

Private second hand P series, S series, or RTC units that don't have official manufacturer warranty will be ticking time bombs that come with 10-20k bills annually for every bit that decides to stop working randomly.

TX8/TX6 Will also do the job and they may have some manufacturer cpo units hanging around as well.

Your best bet to find a unit in that 40k mark is to shop via a vendor rep and ask for demo/CPO units and make sure you get the targets and accessories you're gonna need to be compatible with a total station if it isn't a P Series or TX8/SX12.
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