Laser Scanning Dissertation

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Full Name: Sam Snowling
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Laser Scanning Dissertation

Post by SSnowling »

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of undertaking a research project, studying laser scanning in the Surveying industry.

Having been in the industry myself for 7 years, I have seen some significant changes since I first started out..

It would be great to hear from anyone how they feel the industry has moved forward over the years.. I have been using Leica laser scanners (P40 and recently RTC360) for around two years now.

As you can understand, this is quite a short space of time, so would be great to hear from those who have a vast amount more experience than myself.

I am looking to understand how people feel their work has improved with the use of laser scanning, and the deliverables they find themselves able to issue now, compared to X amount of years ago.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Snowling
Land Surveyor (UK)

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Phil Marsh
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Re: Laser Scanning Dissertation

Post by Phil Marsh »

Hi Sam,

Welcome to the forum.
[email protected]

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Daniel Wujanz
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Re: Laser Scanning Dissertation

Post by Daniel Wujanz »

Dear Sam,

welcome along! I've started with TLS in 2004 and have got roughly ten years of experience in academic research and 3 years in commercial research.

My areas of interest are:
- Stochastic modelling: How precise is my laser scanner?
- Calibration of scanners
- Deformation measurement (algorithms) in geomorphology, crash testing and the built environment in general
- Registration algorithms (including the issue of sound quality assurance)
- Segmentation
- Viewpoint planning

I'd be delighted to contribute. Just send me a PM if I could be of any help.

All the best


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