Prism Constant for SMR used with TS15

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Prism Constant for SMR used with TS15

Post by SAttaya »

Std GPR1 prism used with Leica TS15 (Viva) is -34.4 (absolute), 0.0 (Leica)

I'm trying to determine constant for TS15 when used with RRR SMR.

I came up with absolute constant using an 80 inch
invar scale bar with a RRR SMR on either end.
(By trial & error. ;))

But the TS15 distance was always a little short relative to an AT402(I think)
when used with a constellation of 16 drift nests comparing distances from
each drift nest to the other 15 drift nests.

Any one know what the absolute constant should be
do I just need to get the tracker folks to measure some
drift nests at longer ranges and go back to my trial and error method.

(How is an RRR SMR different from a GPR1 Prism?)

(this is for a laser projector application, but this post is a complement of post ... 473#p71067 .)

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