Since there isn't a photogrammetry area to post to...

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Since there isn't a photogrammetry area to post to...

Post by SAttaya »

Maybe y'all will add "Photogrammetry" as an area of interest, if you feel it is appropriate.
(Just another way to measurea and I believe there are packages out there that create
point clouds (pointclouds, point-clouds, ?) from photographs.) ... collision/
begins with:
The process of reconstructing a traffic accident to determine who caused it
demands detailed accident scene diagrams and often a determination of key causes,
such as speed. Some of the details that are required include positions of the
vehicles involved in the accident, skid mark locations, roadway features,
and impact locations.
It is challenging to create accurate collision scene diagrams and keep road closures to a minimum while ensuring investigator safety.
It is even more challenging when creating these diagrams from a limited number of photographs that you did not take!
Photogrammetry allows incident investigators and traffic accident reconstructionists
to create scaled collision scene diagrams from scene photos they took and as well from unknown photo sources.
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Re: Since three isn't a photogrammetry area to post to...

Post by 3DForensics »

I have been a big fan of PhotoModeler since 2006. They are a great company with great support and for the price I think it is excellent value. They have an updated version now called UAS which has some features intended for use with aerial platforms. I also use it for determining positions of objects in security cameras and such things.

We should have a section on Photogrammetry..maybe it is something we can get in the near future.

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Re: Since there isn't a photogrammetry area to post to...

Post by Formula1982 »

Since Photogrammetry is sometimes a complimentary technology or even a hybrid technology with laser scanning, and the fact that it's often used to generate 3D point clouds, it would make sense from my point of view to have a Photogrammetry section for this forum.
It's often the same sort of people solving the same sort of problems with the same sort of deliverables looking at photogrammetry as laser scanning.
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