Removing traffice from scans of roadways

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Removing traffice from scans of roadways

Post by wgrimes » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:05 pm

I work in the forensic field, studying car crashes. I don't have a badge, so I can't stop traffic for my scans!!! I've been struggling with getting traffic in the photos made after the scan. I have talked at length to David Dustin about it, and with his assistance and guidance I've come up with one suggestion.

First, I wish Faro would let me pause the scanner during the photo capture, so that if traffic is coming I could just pause until traffic clears.

Since this seems unlikely in the near future, so I came up with this technique. Basically, just leave the scanner exactly where it is and rescan at the lowest resolution available (1/32nd)....and have the scanner make a duplicate set of images. This takes about 2-1/2 minutes....which is cheap time-wise. I will sometimes even capture a 3rd scan (2nd at low resolution) just to increase the odds that I have images without vehicles.

Here is an example of a pano with traffic blocking an area of interest.

After the scanner completes the scan process, it captures photos (if that option is activated). It will capture 85 photos. In order to access these photos use the Operations|Color/Pictures|ExportAllPictures command. You will be asked for a folder name....create a folder to hold these 85 original photos. Note that they are numbered 0 to 84. I spent some time and figured out where these photos are situated in the pano.

Here is a grid with photo numbers overlaid.


The first thing I do is to look at the low res scan and see if I have clean images to substitute in....even if some images in the low res scan have only need to substitute the images in the original scan that have some type of blockage. In this case, I needed images 45 and 57.

You then take the second (low res) scan, and export those photos into a different folder. You find the images that need to be replaced and simply copy them over to the original image folder.

Once this is complete, you use Scene to import all images (Operations|Color/Pictures|ImportAllPictures)....this will load all the images for that scan again. Next, you apply pictures once again.....with the substituted images replacing the originals.

Here is the example with image 45 and 57 replaced.

I also created a grid that you can use to overlay on your own panos, which will identify which images to look at for substitution. Just load it as a layer in your image processing software and resize to your may not be exact, but it will be close enough to help identify the image numbers.

Note that there is a jump between image 77 and looks to me like image 78 is actually used to stretch across the entire top of the pano.......if someone knows better, please let me know.

Here's the numbered grid that you can download.Image

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

Wes Grimes

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