Tips for Scanning with FLASH

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Tips for Scanning with FLASH

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Good morning everyone,

I wanted to start a friendly discussion on scanning with FLASH with , what are any tips and tricks that those who use it on a consistent basis might have? We have been using FLASH since October and are still getting used to using it for example the scene2go view being based off of the Panocam instead of the internal camera. We have those who use our deliverables who are not used to this different viewpoint so we have been working on capturing more scans at different angles to offset this issue.

We are also still getting into a routine with scanning the sites that we are going out to in the oil field. We have 2 FARO Premium scanners starting at opposite ends of a site and once each half has been scanned then we usually switch and scan the opposite side at a different elevation just to ensure that enough points are captured for the point cloud and to ensure that nothing has been missed for the scene2go view. This essentially results in the site being scanned twice.

What are any tips and tricks that any of you might find useful? Any tips for efficiency?
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