FARO launches As-Built Modeler, SCENE 2019.2 and Firmware update 6.5

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I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: FARO launches As-Built Modeler, SCENE 2019.2 and Firmware update 6.5

Post by mca »

Hi Tom,

regarding the compatibility of the projects between SCENE and the As-Built Modeler:
- Both programs use the same project file format
- In contrast to earlier SCENE versions, from 2019.2 on you should be able to open projects saved in newer SCENE or As-Built Modeler versions. For example opening a SCENE 2020.x project in SCENE 2019.2 or opening an As-Built Modeler 2020.x project in SCENE 2019.2
- Not all objects are supported by all applications, for example SCENE will currently tolerate the CAD objects from As-Built Modeler, but it will not be possible to display or modify them. I hope we will be able to add at least some CAD object preview/display in the future.
- This is not fool proof. You still have be careful, hence the warning messages. The project files are a complex system and backwards compatibility was already diffcult to maintain. Adding the forward compatibility adds additional complexity. It is very hard for us to forsee all possible combinations and problems.
- In the long term this forward compatibility between applications and versions should allow greater flexibility for your project files and allow you to avoid some common pitfalls from the past (e.g. accidentally saving a project in a newer version and no longer be able to open it in an older version)

Edit: Removed some incomplete/misleading statements about the license compatibility between As-Built Modeler and the As-Built Plugins.
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I have made 20-30 posts
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Re: FARO launches As-Built Modeler, SCENE 2019.2 and Firmware update 6.5

Post by MaZschi »

Please be informed, that As-Built for AutoCAD Software, As-Built for Autodesk Revit und As-Built Suite are now available in version 2019.2. We fixed the licesning issue and after updating your licenses, customers with licenses for version 2019.0 or higher can also install and use As-Built Modeler.

If you are facing any problems, please get in touch with our customer support.

For more information you can find here the release notes:
https://knowledge.faro.com/Software/As- ... D_Software

https://knowledge.faro.com/Software/As- ... desk_Revit
Marc Zschieschang
Product Manager
FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG
[email protected]
Thomas Goodliffe
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Re: FARO launches As-Built Modeler, SCENE 2019.2 and Firmware update 6.5

Post by Thomas Goodliffe »

Hello, I wondered if anyone knew if the new as built modeler includes the field book that was/is in virtusurv as this is a very efficient way of coding points to import to survey software such as lss, scc? I am interested as the 360 view would be a good enhancement to the planar view currently in Virtusurv. Thank you. Tom
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