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Faro Scene import filter

Post by MarkL » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:17 pm

I'm using an older Focus 3D 120 right now and I'm wondering if the import filter on the newer scene versions has been optimized for the newer scanner models?

Using the default settings I think I'm seeing too much data being filtered out. I previously used a 120, several years ago before the advent of the 330, and I think more data seems to be being filtered out than I remember. Vertical structures that I would otherwise expect to see, as they are well within range, are removed. If I import with the import filter turned off I see them, then I have to filter each scan manually. I also have to click ok for every scan imported without filtering, very frustrating. I've played a little with the settings but don't see much change. I also tried a higher quality setting in the field and again, not much difference. What I'm seeing may have been the way it always was and it's my memory that's at fault. Any thoughts?

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Andrew Torgerson
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Re: Faro Scene import filter

Post by Andrew Torgerson » Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:30 pm

For the older scanner I would recommend trying the LiberD filter package app for Scene. It works reasonably well and at around $300 it is hard to beat cost-wise. The edge filter is quite good and you can adjust how aggressive you want it between low, medium and high. For a lot of stuff medium works quite well. They have some other filters as part of the package, but I haven't played with them too much.

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