Deviation and Echo filter Error Need help

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Deviation and Echo filter Error Need help

Post by tlfuson »

I am having trouble using the deviation gate filter and echo filter on the same point-cloud. Whichever filter I choose to use first disables the second one (no points are removed after using the second tool). I've tried reversing the order of which tool I use first, just to see what would happen, but its the same case. I cannot seem to use the echo and deviation gate filter on one cloud. However they both work well If I use one but not the other. I'm not sure if this is because the filters ultimately remove the same points therefore I do not see a difference if i try to use one after the other or there is a bug that disables the second filter. Need help please.

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Re: Deviation and Echo filter Error Need help

Post by joe.3dlm »

Can you post a screengrab of the filter settings screen?

Or maybe two screengrabs, one which each of the filters selected (so we can see the settings you are using for both).

To test your hypothesis that both are selecting the same points, re-import the scan (to create a temporary copy), then run one of the filters, than delete the selected points, then run the second filter and see if any more points are selected.


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