Georeferencing using GPS antennae mounted on TLS

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Georeferencing using GPS antennae mounted on TLS

Post by dylkr » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:21 am

We carried out a survey with 8 positions(one in the centre and 7 in the surrounding)

In this case, we mounted the DGPS antenna on the TLS(VZ400) with a dedicated adapter. We basically measured the scanner positions for a minimum of three scan positions.

The idea was that once the datasets were coregistered, we could apply the coordinates of the scanner position to georeference the point cloud as a whole.

However, I am unable to clearly execute this procedure in RiSCAN. I tried adding the coordinates in the 'scan attributes>SOP>Position' for a scan. It does not look like it is working.

Any ideas will be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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