Exporting Scan Stations from Trimble Business Center

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Exporting Scan Stations from Trimble Business Center

Post by Jomelchiori » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:15 pm

We have currently purchased and started working with a Trimble SX-10. Trimble Business Center has worked great for regioning and classification of my point clouds but the only option I can find to export is for the point cloud regions themselves. We are currently looking into modeling software that will work hand in hand with Autodesk products for feature extraction and modeling of said point clouds. A lot of them allow the import of individual scans from what seems to be all scanners but Trimble's. Is there a way to export Point Clouds from TBC to include scan station information, Photo Stations, Etc.? I see in TBC there is now an export of all of that information to .tdx (realworks?). Any one know of a workaround? the scan/photo station would be extremely useful in software like Virtusurv, recap, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Be patient with me, Ii'm very new to the scanning world.

- Joe

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Re: Exporting Scan Stations from Trimble Business Center

Post by apaleski » Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:32 pm


looks like this is a old post but i have found the only way to get photos to export with scans from TBC is using export format option .PTX. I have a some success using this method but not always. It seems to have issues when doing multiple scans inside one scan station setup. The photos from SX10 have been pretty poor quality but the scans are considered structured. let me know if you figured out a different way.


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