Replicating caves from Scan Data

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Re: Replicating caves from Scan Data

Post by Phill »


I don't personally do much of this type of work, but from my limited knowledge you would probably be looking for a nurbs surface. This is what car manufactures use to model the curves on new models. I am pretty sure that a program called polyworks can create nurbs. They are basically like a 3d spline.

This is all I really know but it will give you a direction to go in.

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Re: Replicating caves from Scan Data

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Hi there, we do quite alot of replication from scan data, sounds like your best bet it to create a mesh from the scan data, hole fill and invert it .I imagine they're quite big so it might be best to break it into bits and get a company to CNC machine section into a sturdy model board or polystyrene and piece it back together. Hope this is of some use, Joe
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Re: Replicating caves from Scan Data

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Interesting sounding project.

Since you are not going to be scaling the model down, it looks like you will need to spit up the mesh to keep up the resolution.

I hope you have time to put up some images as work progresses throught the project.
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