What license/software is required for external camera setups

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What license/software is required for external camera setups

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Can someone explain what licenses or software is required depending on what external camera source you use? I am trying to understand the workflow and all software required based on the different camera setups used. I can not buy Cyclone Model so any workflow requiring that is out. Any help on simple workflow overview will be appreciated. Looking for blend of quality and speed.

1. Using Canon 60D - 90D on external kit
I must purchase the External camera kit but I have not seen how much that cost (w/o camera). What other software or license is required? I have register 360.

2. Using Nodel Ninja with any DSLR.
If I understand correctly the Cyclone Model license is required for this?? If that is not the case what are the other options?

3. Using Istax 360 camera.
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