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Register360 Import Issue

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I am looking for some advice, this happened to a colleague a few weeks ago and has just happened to me. I was importing circa 250 scans into a live project which already had 300+ scans registered. When importing, i accidently cancelled the import when it was almost complete. The scans have converted from raw to HDS within the setups folder and on the project screen they are counted in the overall scan number, however they are not visible within the project and i can no longer import them, when i try it only comes up with 2 scans to import. When i import these it just shows the 2 not the 250 even though they must be within the project somewhere. I have done this with other software packages in the past and it just either cancels the process entirely so you can start again or shows the ones it has imported.

I have tried to take the converted files out of the setups folder, hoping it would realise they are not there anymore to no avail. There doesnt seem to be any other avenue to explore. As you cannot move between projects, it seems the only way to correct this is to start a new project, import the new scans, export e57 of current 300+scans import them to new project or vice versa.

Has anyone had this issue before, it seems like a bug to me within the software as it does not react how other packages would, including cyclone core.


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