Current status/opinion of the BLK360?

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Current status/opinion of the BLK360?

Post by mjankor »

I've seen a bunch of criticism from around the release time about poor registrations, problems with Recap, and various other problems.
I've also seen some very average data, and some very decent data from the units.

Now that it's been out for a couple of years, has the situation improved? Does anyone have any recommended, bulletproof(ish) workflows?

Also, what else is out there in that market segment?

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I have made 30-40 posts
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Re: Current status/opinion of the BLK360?

Post by JonMag »

Hello, I use BLK360 for one year now and I'm happy with this unit if you consider its size and its price.
Most of the time, I use it for 2D as-built plans. Due to its size and weight, you can put it almost everywhere. You can take a scan in 40 seconds ([email protected]), it's sometimes enough; I prefer [email protected] : 1min40. I use it with an iPad Pro and the Field360 application. Recap for iPad is not good, it's an unfinished app.
Even if I'm happy, don't get me wrong, it has his limits. It's not RTC360 or S150plus or all the high-end units. But I think that it's a good device to start in the scan world.
For some work, I used paper targets that I had measured with my total station and the control is good (often 3mm error max).

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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Mike Annear
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Re: Current status/opinion of the BLK360?

Post by Mike Annear »

Hi Martin,
Good to see you back !
It is a great scanner for the price . (emphasis on "for the price")
I have used it a lot for scanning boats, it is brilliant for that task, small, fast, good camera.
It is great for international travel, not that we are going to be doing any of that for a while :)

Cons.. I don't like Recap/Field360 , especially if you are used to old school Cyclone with proper site notes :)
The data is on the fuzzy side, if you are used to P-Series data it might be hard to adjust.
File transfer is awkward and slow.
No compensator to speak of.

You could hire one from Techrentals, they have a good fleet of scanners these days, but I don't think they have a Tassie office.
Francois is also in Tassie I believe, he might be able to get one for you to have a look at.
Mike Annear
QLD, Australia.

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