problem RTC360 VS ipad with Cyclone field 360

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Re: problem RTC360 VS ipad with Cyclone field 360

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Dirkie2710 wrote:
Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:09 am
not a solution but a tip

I create the job on the ipad, grab a photo and change the settings are required and get the first scan going.
then I drop the ipad in the bag and scan like a mad man and when i know I am close to my last 5 - 6 scans I grad the ipad again.
it will take a few minutes to download all the new scans etc but with the VIS all the scans will come in fairly close, and then I spend about 3 minutes just creating the links.

- then I dont have to carry the ipad around for 6 hours only to create 130 links.
- battery power on ipad is saved

I dont need to see every scan coming into position as it happens. seeing the overall picture and spending 5minutes creating links is fine with me.
I did notice that it doesnt like it when there are other apps open while you scan and if you minimize the app it loses its mind.

better to close the app and reopen it
Dirkie has it!

All the vis and calculations are done on the USB anyway and internally. you can download them all later to the ipad- I found breaks in wifi and many other things can cause problems, of course we used the first versions last winter. There is a new IPADios out for newer iPADs and Ipad pros (We use a 256GB version) though this past week ,so make sure you have the updated Field 360 app also (just saw that this morning). I'm now using it with BLK and still trying to come up with an effective and efficient workflow, but right now it's kind of a toss up between the time spent for a two part transfer and just using Smartalign in REg 360

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