Field360 - What Tablets are you using?

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Field360 - What Tablets are you using?

Post by Scott.Warren »

Hey Folks,

We received our RTC360 the yesterday and are looking into a tablet and wanted to get thoughts from those already using it.
- Thoughts on Apple vs Andriod
- Weather conditions (is your device water resistant, do you use a cover that is water resistant)
- size/type of hard drive (HDD/SDD, 64gig/128gig)
- Battery life (how long do you feel the tablet battery lasts in the field, how to recharge in the field?
- Additional Software (target sketches on the tablet?, pair with FLIR camera and add as asset to field360?)
- Covers, clips, and attachments (what success have you had with mounts/harness, i feel something mounted at the hip would be great)
- Screen visibility (can you read the screen outside, do you find the brightness setting kill the battery?)

My first impression is that a Samsung S4 Tablet is the way to go, as it's batter is large, screen is great, and has the storage and processor speed to run Field360 well. I wanted to avoid apple for its typically closed architecture; my personal preference/opinion: Android is more user friendly if you need to do more complicated problem solving, troubleshooting, and more friendly to 3rd party software. Look forward to hearing your feedback!

All the best,

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Re: Field360 - What Tablets are you using?

Post by landmeterbeuckx »

juniper has a new one out ct8. i use their mesa fieldbooks and they are as rugid as hell
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Re: Field360 - What Tablets are you using?

Post by ericwinkelman »

We have the RTC360 for fire investigation and other forensic investigation scenes [civil not criminal]. Including collapse, explosion, and confined space areas.

-Samsung Tablet. Tab4 or something; whatever the recent model is. Chose due to no experience with Apple and compatibility with other devices.
-I do not know if this the Tablet's bug or Field360. But the app crashes a lot. More so after the recent software updates. If I minimize Field360 before turning the screen off manually or automatically it does not seem to crash.
-Otter brand casing. Not weather resistant that I know of. Dust gets between the case clear cover and the screen. Seems rugged but I haven't dropped it yet.
-Has lasted 2 9 hr days in field. But the most setups I've done were 40.
-Cannot connect to internet while connected to scanner WiFi.
-I have not found good sketch software to try. There is one available only for Apple that some forensic engrs use. [of course I cannot remember the name :x ] It automatically generates geometric shapes from hand sketch. So good for drawing room layouts. But does not convert handwriting to block letters.
-In bright sun it is not hard to see the scanner setup and map screens. But need to be in the shade to view the point cloud when field-registering.
-I have a small waist tool pouch for carrying the tablet and it has proven invaluable.
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