Leica BLK360 Tripod Adapter Unscrew

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Re: Leica BLK360 Tripod Adapter Unscrew

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I remember when I first used a BLK, the top unscrewed and it had a thread to attach it to other mounts etc. However, when I changed company and tney purchased one, it would not detach without breaking it. I think it was an extra to have a detachable top
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Re: Leica BLK360 Tripod Adapter Unscrew

Post by Amann »

Just by a new adapter from Leica. It costs 100 bucks and will fit on any tripod : )
I have got three...
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Re: Leica BLK360 Tripod Adapter Unscrew

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dlouie wrote: Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:54 pm The adapter is held in by red loctite and can only be removed with heat. Remove the O-ring a the base of the adapter. Place the shaft in a vice firmly and protect it from scratching. Get a torch and heat the joint evenly and slowly. Don't heat the outside, heat the joint. Put on a pair of thick leather gloves that have good grip and heat resistance and start unscrewing it. Do a little at a time. I've successfully removed two easily without damage.

Good luck.
Hello, it unscrews to normal (counterclockwise) or to opposite (to clockwise)

Thanks in advance
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