Leica BLK360 - Have We Wasted Our Money With It?

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Re: Leica BLK360 - Have We Wasted Our Money With It?

Post by stutosney »

Interesting thread. I received the BLK pretty early on when back in the UK and have a lot of experience with it, putting it through its paces, from full blown scanning to small roof spaces etc.
I think the thing people need to remember, is the BLK was never released as a P series replacement, more as another option to add. The BL is good to use alongside a P20/40 when doing building surveys, and using the BLK to fill in the gaps or hard to reach areas and if using the BLK on its own, I'd always use targets. I personally think its a great tool and an incredible step in the world of laser scanning and the doors it will open for future technologies will be extremely exciting to watch.
If you want to get into scanning with a lower budget, the FARO scanners are a good option, though the new Leica seems impressive and even though I haven't got my hands on one yet, I have heard good things. Good luck.

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Re: Leica BLK360 - Have We Wasted Our Money With It?

Post by Joon »

Hi All,

If you like to try FindSurface for Web https://developers.curvsurf.com:50677/F ... index.html with your own BLK360 point clouds, please email to [email protected] for ID & PW.
Please use an email address of company or university, not @gmail, @yahoo, etc.

FindSurface for Web is easy to use:
  • Load your xyz file ( max 70 Mb, 500,000 points )
  • Set the processing parameter values
  • Select the surface type to be extracted: plane, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus, or auto
  • Click the object surface.
Parameters of FindSurface:
  • Accuracy: point measurement accuracy ( 3 sigma ). E.g., 3 [mm] or 0.003 [m]
  • Mean distance: approx. distance between neighboring points. 3~5 times of the actual value is recommended
  • Touch radius: approx. object scale ( 0.5 ~ 2.0 times of the object radius to be extracted )
  • Radial expansion: small value for noisy, large value for clean point cloud
  • Lateral extension: small value for thin/short object, large value for wide/long object.
FindSurface Parameters.jpg
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[email protected]
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Re: Leica BLK360 - Have We Wasted Our Money With It?

Post by [email protected] »

Joon wrote:
Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:23 am
We have a BLK360 set and are like to test a potential use case.

We have been testing various hardware on the market and been improving the functionalities of our FindSurface SDK in combination. Mainly 3-D cameras, e.g., Intel RealSense, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Tango, etc.

Now, we will be testing the advantages of BLK360 compared with 3-D cameras: accuracy, distance, and view angle.

We will be developing a small iOS application running on iPad and demonstrating the instant measurement on site:
1. A single scan
2. Data onto iPad
3. Touch the screen
4. Information on screen.

In minutes on site, we can measure the size, radius, length, angle, position, distance, etc. of the objects of interest.

The iOS application will be not going onto the market in short term.

FindSurface SDK is available for software developer of Windows and Linux, at the moment.

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