Register 360 Error Importing FARO fls Data

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Register 360 Error Importing FARO fls Data

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I am trying to use Register360 with a Faro S150 scanner. The goal is to get the Faro data into lgs format to use with Cloudworx and bypass Scene. I scanned two trial projects. The first I used no images and experimented with on-site registration with SCENE. The on-site registration failed due to a wifi error. I pulled the raw data directly into Register360 from the SD card and receives a "Failed to import scanner datasources: Sitemap not found" error. Next, I used scene to pull the Raw data off the SD card. When I tried to import the resulting .fls files into Register360 I received the same error. Finally, I registered the scan in Scene, exported to .fls as a registered scan and still get the same error.

On the second project, I scanned with images and without on-site registration. I was able to pull both the Raw scan data and the scan data imported by Scene into Register360. The only problem I had on the second go was the images failed to show up in one setup with both the raw data and the .fls data. The images came through on all setups with Scene.

Does anyone have a solution to the "Sitemap not found error", advice for using Faro data with Register360 or another way to get the Faro data to lgs format. I have tried just exporting to e57 from Scene and pulling that into Register360, but it is taking way to long to import the e57 file.


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