Scan Registration in Scene vs Recap

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Scan Registration in Scene vs Recap

Post by Carol9274 »

Hi All,

I'm new to the laser scanning game and our company will be purchasing a Faro s350 soon. I was wondering if anyone is willing to give me a pros and cons breakdown of the two softwares. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.



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Re: Scan Registration in Scene vs Recap

Post by bdawood »

Recap is good for small project. With recap you have no control on how the project get registered. I also had lots of issues with the inclination of the scans, at the end of the day you get what you paid for. I will not use it myself. On the other hand, scene had and still getting lots of improvements. Easy to use and I believe is worth every penny, and is made to support the scanner you are buying. Yes it has glitches, but so the other softwares. If you are buying a faro scanner then it is better to stick with the software that comes with it.

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Re: Scan Registration in Scene vs Recap

Post by Felix_the_Cat »

If you are scanning casually recap is ok

It is the iPhone or Mac of the scanning world

Scene is a fantastic package but the learning curve is pretty steep. You can’t do that much with recap so it is pretty easy to learn.

I use both. But I think recap sucks. It is hamstrung and it makes crappy registrations and does all kinds of odd things to your scans until you figure out how to stop it. BUT the quickest way to get data in a useful way to your customer is with recap files pulled into autcad or inventor.

Recap has a trail period and so does Scene. Ask you local scanner restealer to give you some sample data to fill with. Take them for a test ride

See what it does for YOU

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