8 Tips and Tricks for As-Built Modeling in Revit—Any More?

Please post any tips or advice you have in general relating to laser scanning either whilst onsite or office based.
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I have made 50-60 posts
I have made 50-60 posts
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8 Tips and Tricks for As-Built Modeling in Revit—Any More?

Post by cscotton » Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:01 pm

As promised, here are the 8 tips for modeling as-builts in Revit. They are part of a report called 33 Expert Tips, Tactics & Best Practices for As-Built BIM Project Success (You can download a copy here: http://bit.ly/2fpUdQC)

I kept the numbering of the tips as they appear in the report to avoid confusion.

# 17: Revit Tip--Start By Changing Phase Filters for All Views to “Existing” Before You Start Inserting or Drafting

#18: Filter & Cleanup Scan Data Before Processing…

#19: …But Maintain Full Scans for Client Visualization

#20: Coordinate CAD File Origins and Orientation Before Finalizing Registration and File Translation

#21: Revit Tip--Files Can Be Repositioned Within Revit…But Be Careful!

#22: Revit Tip--Start with a Good Template and Sometimes the Client’s Template

#23: Revit Tip--Manage Links is Best to Load and Unload Point Clouds as Needed

#24: Revit Tip--Once Scans are Imported and Positioned Correctly in Revit–Pin Them!

#25: Revit Tip--Don’t be Afraid to Show Your Dark Side—Use Black or Dark Backgrounds for Light Point Clouds

#26: Revit Tip--Place RECAP Files on Their Own Worksets to the Client

#27: Revit Tip--Create and Utilize View Templates for Plans, Elevations, Sections, and 3D Views

#28: Create Camera Views, Using Edgewise Clearview, from 3D Positions for Visualization of Model vs. Point

#29: Check Work by Doing a Walkthrough for YourClient with Navisworks Using Color Overrides

#30: Use Feature Extraction Software to Speed the Modeling Workflow! (We HAD to throw this on in here!) :D

As I said in an earlier post, the report has an audio track of the interviews and presentations from Mark Hanna, Larry Kleinkemper, Greg Hale, Matt Byrd and Mike Pfaff—a ton of additional data and real world examples. Here’s the link again: http://bit.ly/2fpUdQC


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