Scan to BIM 105: Data Clean-Up Best Practices—Live Webinar on 04/08

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I have made 70-80 posts
I have made 70-80 posts
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Scan to BIM 105: Data Clean-Up Best Practices—Live Webinar on 04/08

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to invite you to our next #ScantoBIMUniversity webinar on Thursday, 4/8 at 1 PM ET, “Scan to BIM 105: Data Clean-Up Best Practices.” Sign up here: and join us for the live session or receive a copy of the recording.

Below is one of the scan projects our data clean-up gurus will be diving into during the class—a convention center in Australia where the birds seem to be attacking, just like in Alfred Hitchcock's movie!


Kelly Cone from our ClearEdge team will be sitting down with Scott Reed of Prologue, Nathan Wood of CPCoalition, and Silviu Stoian of RC Monkeys to go over this and other examples, and discuss the best ways you can clean up your #DirtyData. Topics include:

  • Field tips for minimizing noise in your scan data, including “double scan” options on some scanners
  • To clean, or not to clean, that is the question! When to do Pre and Post-registration clean up, and when you shouldn’t bother
  • Differentiate and clean up different types of scanner noise from range, mixed pixel, transient, and reflected/refracted data
  • Tips and tricks to speed up or automate your point cloud clean-up
  • Segmentation of data – ways to make down-stream consumption easier for your modelers or customers

Nobody likes dirty data, so join us to learn best practices that help you enjoy smooth point cloud post-processing workflows and generate great-looking deliverables on time that will delight your customers!

Hope you find the content insightful and fun,

President and CEO, ClearEdge3D
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