3D Point Clouds Knowledge Integration

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I have made 30-40 posts
I have made 30-40 posts
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3D Point Clouds Knowledge Integration

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Hi all,

For those interested in the latest research to make Point Cloud Smart (https://buff.ly/2yC337e), here you will find an open access article :


It specifically address the following :
  • The Use of Point Clouds in Archaeology
  • A Data Fusion methodology for combining dense-image matching and terrestrial laser scanning
  • An automatic Knowledge-based segmentation method
  • An ontology-based classification framework, with a provided ontology extensible to formalised knowledge such as CIDOC-CRM
  • A webGL tool to automatically identify the semantic results
  • Case study for façade recognition, mosaic and tesserae, hieroglyphs ...
This article is based on ongoing work and shows how to directly integrate knowledge within point cloud processes to directly use point clouds.

I will be presenting a new conceptual model for such integration in Melbourne at the 3D GEOINFO Conference 2017 on the 26th October 2017 for in-depth curiosity ;) (Model for Reasoning from Semantically Rich Point Cloud Data)

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, and if you work on similar topics (AI, machine learning, point cloud, knowledge integration) any collaboration can be very interesting !


Florent Poux

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