Scanner calibration in two-faces

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Scanner calibration in two-faces

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Hi everyone,

If you are interested I just wanted to share my new article about the scanner calibration in two-faces. Here is the link:

I know it is pretty much jibber jabber talk, but the bottom line is simple and maybe useful to some of you. First, you print out couple of black and white targets and stick them around the place where you need to scan. Than scann them in 2 faces. This way you can estimate calibration parameters, remove systematics from your point cloud and improve overall accuracy. This is of course only relevant if you are really chasing couple of millimeters.

I think Faro On-site calibration is doing something similar, but generally I wanted to say that you can do it with any scanner, if you need to.

I am currently estimating best target placements, and I think Leica Check and Adjust is good starting point. However, it is sometimes complicated to place that 1 target 18 meteres higher than the scanner. I am working on the alternative.

If anyone is interested in topic at all, I will keep you up to date.

Tomislav Medic
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