A few rules of the forum !

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A few rules of the forum !

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Unfortunately most internet forums can be regularly bombarded by what are termed SPAMBOTS which is software that poses as a real person and scans the internet for websites on which to post their adverts or pornographic material.

To try and combat this issue the Laser Scanning Forum has implemented a few solutions.

• All new members when registering, must reply to an email in order to activate their account.

•New members must fill in all the profile details including full name and company details. These will then be matched to our records to verify the details.

•Any new members whose user names, email address, website or profile appears to contain material or words which would indicate that they are not a potential Laser Scanning user will be immediately removed from the system.

•Any posts which appear and contain obscene material or adverts for products which are not related to the main business of the site will be immediately removed.

Certain email addresses are also banned from registering, these are the ones favoured by the spammers.
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