Smart GeoMetrics scans USS Missouri

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Smart GeoMetrics scans USS Missouri

Post by Vange » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:27 am

Belated Happy New Year's to all,

This week, Smart GeoMetrics, a division of Houston-based Smart MultiMedia, is scanning the deck and hull of the USS Missouri while the ship is in dry dock in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The following news release should be a good overview of the project. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post a reply to this forum or contact me directly.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Mark Evangelista
Public relations, Smart MultiMedia
[email protected]

A Smart GeoMetrics team member does some of the preparation before the 3D HDS Documentation of the USS Missouri.

Houston firm using digital technology
to make history while capturing it in Pearl Harbor

HOUSTON (Jan. 4, 2009) -- Smart GeoMetrics, a division of Smart MultiMedia, Inc will digitally document one of the world’s largest battleships this week in Hawaii. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scan the ship’s entire hull while it is in dry dock in the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

Smart GeoMetrics was selected by the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc to capture history with this unique 3D laser scanning technology known as High Definition Survey (HDS) Documentation. Since Oct. 14, the Missouri has been in dry dock, undergoing a three-month, $18-million maintenance and preservation project.

“Never before has an entire historic naval vessel been documented “using this technology, according to Richard Lasater, president of Smart GeoMetrics.

The battleship, best known as the site of Imperial Japan’s WWII surrender, was last put into dry dock in 1992 and will not be there again for possibly decades.

“There is no way to complete an accurate scan of an entire ship while it is in the water,” Lasater said. “Not only is it impossible to image areas below the waterline, even on a calm day, the tiniest movements of the water and ship would degrade scan accuracy.”

HDS Documentation is a combination of 3D laser scanning, high dynamic range photography and standard survey techniques. The 3D laser scanner collects millions of individual data points creating a 3D “point cloud”. The point clouds can be used to create highly accurate 2D and 3D representations. And when coupled with high dynamic range photography, photo realistic 3D models, and virtual experiences help to provide a compelling historical record.

Smart GeoMetrics and its team will have a short three-day window to scan the vessel as scaffolding and protective covers are removed, and before the ship returns to her previous home of 11 years on Pearl Harbor’s Battleship Row.

The massive endeavor requires three scanning teams which will utilize Leica HDS laser scanners to complete the project. A fourth additional crew has been assigned to create and maintain the survey control network. The results of the HDS Documentation will be used by the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., as a historical record and for ongoing maintenance and educational purposes.

A scanner is put into position before the 3D HDS Documentation of USS Missouri while in dry dock.

“Over the years, Leica’s High Definition Survey scanners have been used accurately to capture the geometry of various large and compelling structures,” said Geoff Jacobs, senior vice president, strategic marketing for Leica’s laser scanning products. “Leica is especially proud that our scanners will be used to capture the full exterior of the historic USS Missouri in such a way that the public and the ship’s custodians will benefit.”

Mike Carr, president of the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., said, “Having the Battleship Missouri in dry dock provides a unique opportunity to completely scan the ship while it is out of the water — an opportunity we will not see for decades and certainly one we do not want to miss. We recognize how HDS Documentation technology can be used to enhance our visitor and educational experiences, while documenting the ship as the engineering marvel she is.”

Using HDS equipment from Leica Geosystems, Smart GeoMetrics assembled a team of HDS professionals from Meridian Associates (Houston); Asbuilt Modeling Services (Houston) and Zebra Imaging (Austin, Texas). Asbuilt and Meridian are contributing scanning expertise in the form of crew leaders and Zebra Imaging will be adding 3D holograms to the deliverables set. Meridian Associates is providing the survey crew and equipment used to maintain the control network. The team is also receiving special assistance from Mustang Engineering (Houston).

“The documentation teams will really be moving fast on this project and not all of the ship will be accessible at the same time,” said Jonathan White, a senior project manager for Meridian, who is also heading up one of the scan crews. “We are working in and around dockyard preparations to return the ship to sea. An experienced HDS control network team is critical to achieving the goals of the project.”

With Zebra Imaging as part of the team, this is also the first time holograms will make up part of the archival record. The dramatic technology will be used by the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., as part of its mission to create and maintain a fitting memorial worthy of the Mighty Mo’s legacy.

“We are excited to help preserve this historic monument,” said Dave Perry, executive vice president commercial markets for Zebra Imaging. “Zebra Imaging’s current images have been highly successful in the commercial markets, including the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industries. Both color and monochromatic holograms give our industry partners a tremendous advantage over existing methods such as solid models or computer animations. We are now able to extend this technology to help preserve important moments in history for our country.”

The Missouri, which was decommissioned in 1998, is the second historic naval vessel scanned by Smart GeoMetrics. The Houston-based company has been working over the past year documenting the Battleship Texas, which is located in nearby La Porte, Texas.

Unlike the Missouri project, the Texas is still in the water and the interiors are being completed first. Interior spaces of the Missouri will wait until after returning to Battleship Row on Jan. 7.

Located a mere ship’s length from the Battleship Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri Memorial completes a historical visitor experience that begins with the day of infamy that saw the sinking of USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor and ends with Japan’s unconditional surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Following an astounding career that spans five decades and three wars, from World War II to the Korean conflict to the Liberation of Kuwait, the “Mighty Mo” was decommissioned and donated to the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which operates the battleship as a historic attraction and memorial.

The project can be followed on Smart GeoMetrics' Facebook page at ... 23?ref=ts1

Smart GeoMetrics is an industry leader in 3D high definition laser scanning and HDS Documentation services and equipment to the heritage, petrochemical and civil engineering industries. Houston-based Smart Geometrics, a division of Smart MultiMedia, creates award-winning interactive and innovative digital learning materials.

AsBuilt Modeling Systems, Inc., is a multi-disciplinary 3d laser scanning service provider. Capable of providing 3D laser scanning for all disciplines from architectural, civil, structural, industrial, historical and process plant facilities. Asbuilt also provides the ability to assist in the modeling aspects of laser scanning.

Leica Geosystems is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of products, systems, and software that capture, visualize and process 3D spatial data through the employment of advanced technologies.

Meridian Associates, Inc., is a leading provider of Laser Scanning, Survey, Engineering and Renewable Energy Services. Meridian Associates’ Laser Scanning Services provide its customers with a range of high quality professional services and deliverables based on Laser Scanning, Dimensional Control, Surveying and 3D Modeling applications. The firm is headquartered in Beverly, Mass., with regional offices in Cherry Hill, N.J., Houston and Westborough, Mass.

USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which operates the USS Battleship Missouri Memorial as a historic attraction and memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The association oversees her care and preservation with the support of visitors, memberships, grants and the generosity of donors.

Zebra Imaging designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art 3-D holographic displays for a variety of 3-D visualization applications in both government, military and commercial markets which dramatically improve situational awareness, collaboration and decision-making. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Zebra Imaging displays are portable, scalable, intuitively-understood and easily viewable to help customers turn design data into reality.

All images are the property of Smart GeoMetrics and may not be used in any form without the written consent of Smart GeoMetrics.

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