Convert colored point cloud to textured model

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I have made 80-90 posts
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Convert colored point cloud to textured model

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A process for converting a colored point cloud to a textured polygonal model.
1.Export point cloud from Cyclone as a .PTX file.
2.Import mesh into MeshLab, make sure color is selected.
3.Export mesh as an .OBJ file (testmesh01.obj) with options on none.
4.Export Mesh As an .OBJ file (Testmesh02.OBJ) with options on All (make sure color is selected under Vert column.
5.Import TestMesh01.OBJ into a 3d modeling software (I use Maya). And apply UV coordinates to mesh based on where the scanner was. Then export the .OBJ file (I just overwrite the Testmesh01.obj file.)
6.Start a new empty project in MeshLab under the file menu, import both files Testmesh01 and 02.
7.Menu select Filters/Texture/Transfer Vertex Attributes to Texture(between 2 Meshes)
8.Select source mesh as Testmesh02.obj, Target mesh as Testmesh01.obj, name your texture file, type in texture size and click Assign Texture then click Apply. If you mix up the source and target you will get an error. A texture file will be made, should be in the same folder you have your .OBJ files.
9. Now go back to your 3d modeling software and assign the texture to your UV mapped model.
That’s it, pretty simple and a pretty decent quality.
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