Make money from your Laser Scans {SnapTank}

Is your company expanding or simply on the look out for experinced laser scanner users then you can try to recruit staff here.
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Make money from your Laser Scans {SnapTank}

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Hello everyone,
Hope you are all good.

I have just joined this forum so apologies if you think this is spam - I can assure you it is not.

We have developed a new marketplace for selling and buying of 3D scans of all varieties.

What if we had one place to go which is exclusively for 3D scans and only 3D scans? Where someone looking to sell or purchase a 3D scan only needs one destination. A marketplace not focused on making money but wants to grow within the scanning community and take 3D artists along with them. Laser scans are in demand and I think some of you should really consider working with us to earn money from your hobby or profession.

Well thats exactly what we have done.

We are wanting 3D artists using lazer scanning set-ups (like yourselves) to upload your scans and earn money from them. You choose the price they are sold at and if you need help with anything, we are always on hand to give advice on selling your work. You receive the lions share of the sale - you don't have to be exclusive to us and it doesn't cost you a penny,ever - so theres really nothing to lose.

What do we do with the remainder money - well we put most of that back into marketing / promoting the website and ultimately your scans. Opportunities for blog posts or getting your scan on our homepage/banner and social media exposure can also help generate interest in your profile and page with us.

There are already lots of exceptional Artists working with us and the scans we have now are an extremely high standard. There is even a free scans section should you want a taster.

Please comment if you wish to have any more details or even find out a little more about the business. We are relatively new start-up and want to do things a little differently than those before us - a fresh and exciting take on sharing and selling scans, shall we say.

As an incentive for checking us out, we are happy to offer anyone from this forum who sign's up to a 70% royalty rate for the first 6 months - to then be reviewed and if you are contributing regularly there is no reason this rate would change. This offer is only open until the end of this month. Once signed up - simply email me and say you are from this forum. [email protected]

I would greatly appreciate any feedback and questions you may have - but if you want to sign up and start , you can do so right now. I hope this has came across as honest and genuine as it is - we want to get to know everyone of you and I really hope you embrace us but we also understand this won't be everyones cup of tea. Here is a direct link to some more of the details you might be looking for :

Many thanks for your time and apologies for the long message.

Kind regards

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