Reality capturing for more than 2d floor plans and BIM models?

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I have made 20-30 posts
I have made 20-30 posts
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Reality capturing for more than 2d floor plans and BIM models?

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Many times I have recognized that after scanning a building with highest accuracy and with the most advanced technology in the world, the deliverable to the clients is a plain 2d floor plan and a few vertical sections.

To some extend this is understandable, since the clients sometimes don't even know what else they could expect. Only few know how to work with a point cloud or the high resolution panoramic images. They don't own the tools or the powerful laptops to be able to measure every detail to plan refurbishments, inspect the buildings for damages like cracks, share insights or planned actions with their stakeholders or subcontractors, or even use the digital copy of their building to manage projects. However, all of this is possible on the basis of the data we capture.

To go beyond the handover of 2d or 3d plans (where competition is rising and prices get lower), I believe today laser scanning professionals need to become the consultant and maintainer of a digital copy of a building.

Now the question is how to overcome the above mentioned hurdles of adoption.
At NavVis we have developed our IndoorViewer with this mission in mind for many years now. It is intended to be super easy to use for non-professionals yet still allow full access to all data (not just NavVis M6 data ) and allow for extensions and integrations into other Tools (Revit, Microstation, Dassault Factory Planning SW, etc.).

There is quite a few features of IndoorViewer, probably too many to mention them all but I would like to highlight features we launched in the last few months and get your honest feedback on this.

The first is the possibility for your client to access the parts of the point clouds you scanned that he really needs without browsing through folders of scans with terabytes of data. So instead of asking you to send a USB stick (not really secure anyhow) and creating quite some work and delay on both sides, your client just selects the relevant area in 2d or 3d and downloads the data in the original resolution.
What do you think? Is this valuable for your clients?

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