Cintoo Cloud and BIM 360

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Cintoo Cloud and BIM 360

Post by Jason Warren »

This video gives a general overview of Cintoo Cloud. It also gives details about the workflow for connecting to BIM 360, pulling a BIM model and comparing the scan data with the BIM model in Cintoo Cloud viewer with the comparison tools. It shows how to report issues and how to solve these issues eventually by downloading pieces of Reality Data in Revit or Navisworks in RCS format.
Looks pretty neat, anyone using it realworld?
Jason Warren

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Re: Cintoo Cloud and BIM 360

Post by yankoch »


I saw a demo of this web based app. The main improvement it brings is a compression algorithm that transforms a e57 structured file into a kind of mesh (mix of Voronoi and grid + depth) that dramatically reduces the file size. A 600Mb e57 is transformed into a 40Mb file.
But what's impressive is that you can go back to the original e57 without losing points, and the accuracy is almost the same.

When using the web based application, you work directly on the mesh, not on the original points. It still looks good, but when you zoom in on small structures, you can see artifacts that result from the meshing.
If you really want to work accurately, you have to download the file and do a reverse conversion to get the e57 back.

I'd say that this solution is a leap forward in pointcloud storage and online viewing.

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Re: Cintoo Cloud and BIM 360

Post by caddrafting2013 »


I modelled this a few years ago.

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Dom Cintoo
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Re: Cintoo Cloud and BIM 360

Post by Dom Cintoo »

With Cintoo Cloud, we aim at transforming the way people use terrestrial laser scan data. By transforming each scan in a high resolution mesh that includes multiple levels of details and wavelet compression, Cintoo Cloud enables the very fast streaming of 3D meshes that will reveal details that you have probably never seen before in your own scanners, via simple WebGL-compatible browsers (Google Chrome for example).

This mesh-based structure retains the accuracy of the source scans so that you can inversely transform back each mesh into a point cloud (supporting structured E57 or unified RCP and RCS exports) for distributed or remote scan-to-BIM operations in desktop apps. So the whole point of having a mesh-based structure in the cloud is to make laser scan data much more shareable, distributable and interpretable by many different new stakeholders, truly expanding the number of users of this very trustful reality data.

Cintoo Cloud is not about viewing only or adding notes and measurements. It's a distribution and collaboration platform with all the tools to invite users, create team members, set access rights,... enabling collaboration via the cloud when teams are spread over multiple offices or around the planet. Cintoo Cloud is also a BIM-connected platform, enabling to compare your scan data to BIM models, either for quality check of your as-builts during construction or to make sure that your scan to BIM process created a truly accurate 3D model.

Several companies have already embraced this platform in North America, and the scan-versus-BIM comparison tool has already helped to save days of work. User stories and customer names are available on, and the list of users is growing every week (up to now, more than 20,000 scans have been uploaded to the platform). Feel free to try it by yourself and check the quality of our mesh-based structure by asking a free trial on our web site. You can upload up to 20 of you own scans (our UI allows to select those 20 scans from any larger project) and send us your feedback. Or come and see us at SPAR 3D, where we will reveal our unique and incredible VR Streaming option and our first demos of our unified mesh download and export: high resolution 3D meshes in Revit or Navisworks will transform the way people consume terrestrial laser scan data for modeling or clash detection! Thanks for your interest in this new technology, the result of more than 10 years of research and development.

Dominique, Product Manager and Business Development Manager for Cintoo, CEO of Cintoo US Inc.

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