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While limited in scope, and certainly not point cloud ready, it may have a future for those interested in cloud based BIM solutions. ~S
Infurnia: Cloud-based Architecture and Interior Design AECbytes Review (February 29, 2020)
Infurnia comes from a startup company based in India that started developing its cloud-based application for architecture and interior design in January 2016. The vision was to be able to create as well as collaborate on a design, in a manner similar to how Google Docs works for documents. In addition, the design would be created using intelligent building objects rather than generic 2D or 3D entities, making it more of a BIM rather than a CAD application. In fact, Infurnia works in a manner very similar to Revit. The scope of the application is currently limited to residential design and the detailed interior design of the spaces that exist within a typical house or apartment.

As an alternate to using the rendering service, you can also export the scene to a blend file and render it yourself in Blender, which is a free and open-source rendering application. Also, in addition to rendering a single scene, you can choose to render a panoramic view or VR view.

Conclusion (AECbytes)
I was very impressed by how much you can do in Infurnia, given that it is an entirely browser-based application. I was not aware that this level of functionality and content creation was even possible in a browser—needless to say, web technologies have certainly evolved, and being a new application, Infurnia has been able to use the most advanced technologies that are currently available.

It does not, of course, have all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged desktop design application, but for residential design, it is certainly a compelling option. The granular level of control for interior design concepts that can be achieved with it is amazing, and I found its “branching” and “follow” concepts especially innovative. Its overall interface is also very elegant and easy to use.

It was very refreshing to come across a startup application in AEC technology that showcases an entirely new way of doing things.

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