TargetMill 1.2 Released

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TargetMill 1.2 Released

Post by zoltan »

A new version of TargetMill has just been releases.

TargetMill is an easy to use software for creating serialized targets for laser scanning. You have control over the target shape and size, a logo image, static text, and serialized text. You can choose from standard paper sizes in both metric and imperial and print the targets directly or save them as a PDF document.
New Features:

Target Angle
Target Shapes
Page Tiling
The new version can be downloaded at

If you already have a license, you can use your existing serial number to activate the new version.
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Re: TargetMill 1.2 Released

Post by Android131313 »

I have just installed and registered Target mill...
This makes printing our own targets really easy, but there is one problem.
I want to print two targets on each page, with the paper in landscape orientation.
Unless I am missing something this is not possible in Targetmill?
Seems like it should be fairly simple, just need a page orientation button as well as paper size.
Is there any chance of this being added to the software?


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Re: TargetMill 1.2 Released

Post by max72 »

Could you printer do that whithin the printer setup?
Do you have a pdf virtual printer? It might have the 2 in 1 option too.
Lastly there are some pdf tools able to convert 2 in 1.
I havent' checked recently but maybe now you can do that on line too?
someting like:

ing. Massimo De Marchi - +39 347 32 17 049 -

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