Modeling pipes in cloudworx

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Re: Modeling pipes in cloudworx

Post by GCFdesign »

Modelling "accurately" as-built pipework from point cloud data in dense, complex scenarios is not readily possible.

Yes, software can and does assist, however, point cloud data invariably cannot access everywhere satisfactorily, therefore, the resultant expensive software cannot assist.

Like any software, they are just tools, with limitations.

I sincerely wish there were such failsafe software out there.

Gary Fellows


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Re: Modeling pipes in cloudworx

Post by Matt Young »

Mike H wrote:
Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:00 pm
Matt Young wrote:You could look at Cyclone for the pipe and flange generation. You can then export to AutoCAD as an ACIS 3D Solid object, and continue the model to include bolt holes. Cyclone will give you a very accurate fit to the point cloud, and you can pick from a list of know pipe sizes if you want to.
Doesnt cyclone only fit a straight pipe to the cloud? If the pipe has a sag in the middle, cyclone wouldn't be able to model this correct?
Having done an awful lot of this type of modelling, I cannot see why you would want pipes to sag in the model. That said, if you really know what your doing with cyclone, you can model them with sag.
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Re: Modeling pipes in cloudworx

Post by Mokeefe »

Thanks for the compliment Michael H! Yes, Edgewise can not only model most bent/sagging pipes, but it can do it automatically. DM me if this is interesting.

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