Bricsys has a new owner (Hexagon)

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Bricsys has a new owner (Hexagon)

Post by Scott » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:00 pm ... icscad-bim
"At last month’s Bricsys conference in London, the first big news was that the company had been acquired by Hexagon for an undisclosed sum. For those unfamiliar with Hexagon, it is a global giant of a firm, that operates in construction, engineering, mining, automotive and plant and has annual revenues in excess of £1.2 billion. It owns Leica, Intergraph, MSC Software, Z/I Imaging and many others.

While Bricsys had annual revenues of £13 million, now it is under the Hexagon umbrella it will have all the resources it could ever need, plus access to markets as a mature, trusted CAD platform. Hexagon also has a reputation of leaving the brands it buys alone to carry on developing semi-autonomously.

Hexagon previously ported its AutoCAD-based plant application, CADWorx Plant Design Suite, to Bricsys as an alternative for its customers to paying for Autodesk’s AutoCAD on subscription. Bricsys pricing is based on a perpetual licence and works on Windows, macOS and Linux. The entry-level BricsCAD is $825 forever; AutoCAD is $1,575 per year, LT is $390 per year. Bricsys also offers subscription at $312 per year, if that’s what you would prefer. Bricsys works out a lot cheaper than Autodesk Subscription for AutoCAD. Hexagon was perhaps the biggest thirdparty developer to realise that it could use the familiar APIs that AutoCAD has, to port its existing applications to BricsCAD and offer to save its customers money on their AutoCAD subscriptions.

BIM and development

What a difference 18 months makes. From seeing the initial BIM development work to what was presented on the stage in London was really quite a marked difference. While the concept is the same, the capability and ease of use really blew us away. At its core, you have a DWG compatible, and very capable, drawing platform. Bricsys has harnessed the ACIS solid modelling kernel to enable designers to create incredibly complex shapes, using booleans, workplanes, chamfers, surfaces, complex wireframe manipulation - the usual gamut of modelling tools.

Designers can create anything they can envision in geometry. So, now comes the real magic. Bricsys has utilised machine learning to start the process of turning these models into BIM. Using the ‘BIMify’ button, the software will analyse the model and turn the geometry it finds into rooms, floors, slabs, columns, walls, doors, windows – regular IFC components."

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Re: Bricsys has a new owner (Hexagon)

Post by mike annear » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:09 am

Whew !... so Rhino 3D has dodged a bullet :)

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Re: Bricsys has a new owner (Hexagon)

Post by tomii7 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:00 am

I think personally it might a good step for BrisCAD software but we will see.
They might update some smarter features for BIM modelling and also better collaboration with Leica scan data, which will be very good for BIM modellers.
I can't wait for new update of BrisCAD. Also the price is very competetive.
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Re: Bricsys has a new owner (Hexagon)

Post by Brett » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:13 am

Has anyone else played with the new .BPT format yet?

I found it to be bugged. Zooming in on pointclouds makes them vanish from the display.

The file size seems be be just over 10x the size of the .LAS used to create the .BPT!

(Yes I'm well aware that cloudworx is available as a plug in)
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