How to handle ever-growing point clouds in reality capture?

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How to handle ever-growing point clouds in reality capture?

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Point clouds generated by laser scanners and photogrammetric workflows are getting bigger and better, and yet, many reality capture professionals are struggling to use them effectively. These are our takeaways from use-cases in 30+ countries.

Over the past year, major LiDAR manufacturers like Leica and RIEGL have launched a series of high-end terrestrial scanners that can capture up to 2 million points per second, delivering previously unachieved levels of accuracy, precision, and detail.

At the same time, we are seeing a growing number of hand-held LiDAR devices hitting the market. They quickly deliver point cloud data for a fraction of the price of their high-end counterparts and make frequent deployment of laser scanning more feasible.

Similarly, photogrammetry is making serious headwinds producing more detailed and appealing 3D depictions of the physical world. In whichever segment of reality capture you are, handling big data is becoming an ever-more pressing daily challenge.

With the first full release of NUBIGON in early 2019, we set out to better manage, visualize, and operationalize big reality capture data. Our core proposition has been to display point clouds of any size at full resolution in real-time thereby combining photorealism with spatial accuracy for visualization and modeling in AEC.

Since then, our software has been deployed in more than 30 countries across a wide range of use-cases, giving us valuable insights into the pressing needs of reality capture in various industries and helping us further flesh out our vision.

We are now delighted to announce the Fall 2019 version of our software (v420) that is fueled by these lessons. It offers exciting new features that further automate Big Data management, streamline scan-to-CAD workflows and enable online viewing and sharing of point cloud data.

Capture at high-resolution, work at high-resolution

Once registered, point clouds still require a lot of management before they can deliver actionable information. It has been a chronic challenge to visualize registered point clouds at full-resolution and provide seamless navigation for the user to immerse themselves.

With NUBIGON v420, we have packaged our powerful data management solutions in a user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, our uniquely efficient algorithms will deliver the most seamless point cloud visualization and navigation experience you have ever seen.

Combine user-friendliness with reliability in scan-to-CAD

Going from point clouds to various CAD models continues to be a laborious process. It is a considerable challenge to produce accurate models of the physical world reliably and efficiently. Point clouds provide accuracy and precision but lack photorealism, which makes it hard for the modeler to reliably identify and model details. Panoramic images deliver photorealism but lack the navigation versatility necessary for detailed and reliable modeling.

We offer a photorealistic depiction of the point cloud whilst preserving scan accuracy and detail. Users are presented with a crystal clear view of the undecimated point cloud and can model directly on these point clouds with smart modeling tools. All that you need to do is to draw rough sketches. Our solutions deliver reliable and accurate results with real-time validation and feedback. NUBIGON v420 now features enhanced tools to model architectural elements with even greater ease and reliability.

Showcase your reality capture projects!

With laser scanning and photogrammetry services becoming more commonplace, it is becoming more important to communicate reality capture data and deliverables in accessible and appealing ways. This helps inform existing clients and help you market your work to a wider audience. For far too long, point clouds have not been effectively used for these purposes, even though they make up the most detailed element of reality capture data.

With NUBIGON, you can not only visualize point clouds of any size at full-resolution in real-time, but also enrich point cloud environments with mesh and CAD models, lights shadows, and annotations to develop truly immersive 3D environments. You can ultimately generate uniquely appealing visual deliverables in the form of camera animations, orthophotos. NUBIGON now also features a direct integration to Sketchfab that allows you to display and share your point clouds through their online platform (see

Affordable, short-term licensing options for everyone

We have been listening to our users and testers not only in terms of features but also pricing and licensing. With the latest release, we are introducing two licensing options. NUBIGON Visualizer features our visualization solutions starting at $35/month. NUBIGON Pro, including our entire feature set, is now available starting at $75/month. In addition to the popular annual subscriptions, we are also introducing monthly subscriptions for everyone who would like to use NUBIGON for occasional projects or to test it without committing too much financially.


Simply initiate the trial or subscribe directly through our website:

Further resources

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Bert M. Azizoglu
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